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Obama, I am on your side!

I must begin this blog by saying how surprised  I am at the different feedback and different view points of this story. We have spent the entire semester reading very diverse forms of writing, but I don’t think I’ve heard so much negativity before?! Well, there was “The Sound of The Fury,”but we aren’t talking about crazy Benji, we are talking about THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA FOR GODS SAKE!

I must stress this point, once again, that I feel like we read this story the wrong way. A similar situation happened to me in my English 252 class.  We were reading “Dracula”  and the entire class seemed so blah about it, mentioning how boring it was and how the entire text seemed cliche. Others were saying how “corny” the text seemed, and how unrealistic Dracula was. Of course, I completely disagreed with them and I actually praised Bram Stoker for an entertaining novel. Yes of course, by now we have all read and watched hundreds of vampire stories, including the modern ones that can actually sparkle in the sun,(Twilight) but we have to remember that Stoker wrote this novel during the end  of the Victorian era in 1897! This had to have been a huge deal during that time and that is exactly how I treated it, as a new text!

So back to my point, I feel like we didn’t get to enjoy this text because we are all stuck on the idea that Obama was trying to “sell” himself to us. Umm or a better idea! Maybe the fact that some of us our disappointed with his promise of “change” not really being taken place. I opened this book making myself believe that I didn’t know who Obama was, the same way I treated  “Dracula” like a new story.  I disagree with the idea of Obama campaigning himself in this book. He did not paint this pretty picture of life about himself either. If anything, I was actually surprised that he was humble enough to speak so thoroughly about his personal experiences. Whether he knew that he was going to become president or not, whether he knew that

Realistically, I would have never gone to B&N to choose this book as my top “Must Read” list, but I am glad that it was a requirement for this class.  I mean, love him of hate him, he’s still our President right. Isn’t that already enough reason to know more about  him?

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~ by Jessica Ruiz on December 2, 2010.

2 Responses to “Obama, I am on your side!”

  1. Being one of the skeptics or haters, call me which ever you want I find your blog very enlightening. I agree with going into a text without biases but when it comes to politicians its a different ball game in my opinion. To quote Sting, “And when their eloquence escapes me, their logic ties me up and rapes me.” I had a similar experience with Dracula in a previous English class and I approached it the same way you did but with literature like this I think another approach is needed. One filled with questioning and skepticism.

  2. Nishant,
    Thanks for you feedback and for your valid argument. I wouldn’t categorize you as a hater though, mainly because you aren’t just pointing fingers at Obama. You are speaking about politicians overall.

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