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The Downfall!

To my surprise, the ending of ” The Sound and the Fury” was different than what I expected. I really thought that Caddy, being one of the most important characters in this novel, would have her own narrative. I wonder why Faulkner chose not to give her a voice? Perhaps because even though she made poor choices, we still have some sympathy for her. This might have changed if she would have had her own narrative.

I wasn’t surprised about Miss Quentin fleeing, but it was definitely the point that marked the downfall of the Compsons. One may argue that there is still hope though,…. Dilsey? She is simple, but most importantly, she represents stability (which is what everyone else lacks)

Irony is definitely represented with the mentioning of Easter Sunday. I believe this is Faulkners reiteration to his readers that there may be hope for the Compsons. Easter Sunday = resurrection, new beginning,  rise. I  get where Faulkner is going with this but I’m not so sure if I agree.

Another surprise for me was that Benji did not end up at the mental institution. My initial reaction was a sign of relief but then I wondered if Benji would have been better off going there. It’s not like he is better off in the hands of EVIL Jason.

Jason does not fail to disappoint me. He is a complete nut!!! I never liked him and I would  have not been bothered at all if Faulker would have made him disappear. Allow me to be more frank, I would have enjoyed this ending sooo much more if Jason would have somehow died or would have chosen to kill himself. I don’t feel bad saying this because Faulkner’s obvious intent was for us to hate Jason. Faulkner, you have succeeded! On a brighter note, I was filled with joy when I found out that his money had been stolen. Payback is ohh so sweet.

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~ by Jessica Ruiz on November 11, 2010.

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  1. 2nd evaluation: two checks

    some nice entries, but your level of commitment is not doing justice to your perceptiveness.

    why not make this more important in the remaining weeks?

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