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Ultimately Disturbing

After reading Benji and Quentin’s narratives, it was a true RELIEF to read Jasons narrative because of how clear-cut it was. Having said that, I am truly disturbed at how cruel and emotionless Jason is. (May I add that the further along I get in the book, the more confused I am on which character is worst of all!) Although it was  always evident that Jason was mean from the beginning of the text, it becomes crystal clear in his narrative because we are giving pieces to complete the puzzle.

In this section we find out that Jason does not get the job at the bank that was mentioned in Quentin’s section but rather works in a farm supply store. For this, he is resentful towards Caddy.( But um Jason, you wouldn’t have been offered the job in the first place if it wasn’t for Caddy’s relationship with Herbert?)We also get more information on the show Luster was so eager to watch. Jason has two tickets, that he does not want!!! Yet he prefers burning them then giving them to Luster. This has to be the most malicious thing somebody can do to someone.- Ultimately Disturbed-

It truly bothers me when Jason demonstrates his lack of toleration for his family. He is so embarrassed about Benji’s illness but he is not embarrassed at himself for being a thief? For being an old mean spirited man? For abusing his mothers trust ? Ohh and how lovely that you take advantage of her blindness but you can barely tolerate her. The truth is that he finds pleasure in belittling everyone around him…everyone except himself.

Jason you are a miserable, miserable man!!

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~ by Jessica Ruiz on November 4, 2010.

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