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June 2, 1910.

When we think about a cloudy day we usually associate it with a gloomy and depressed day.This is no different in “The Sound and the Fury” when Quentin states  “If it had been cloudy I could have looked at the window, thinking what he said about idle habits.” It is completely clear that Quentin is undergoing a couple of problems, he is suffering from depression.  Caitlin hit it right on the nail when she said that by him wishing for a cloudy day he is unconsciously hoping the mood of the earth would signify his own mood. Caitlin also brought to my attention something that I had not thought about, the idea that bad weather would ruin a wedding (Caddy’s wedding.)  Quentin’s obsession with his sister not only makes me super uncomfortable but it allows me to see that he is sick in the head. Although Benji is the one with the mental illness, Quentin is allowing us to see that he also has a problem, a more severe one  He never found happiness in Harvard, he knows that a relationship with his sister can never happen. He feels empty, he is ruined inside.

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~ by Jessica Ruiz on November 4, 2010.

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